Midweek Message, May 16, 2018

Once again, Henri Nouwen captures an important thought which is helpful for all of us:

No two friends are the same. Each has his or her own gift for us. When we expect one friend to have all we need, we will always be hypercritical, never completely happy with what he or she does have.

One friend may offer us affection, another may stimulate our minds, another may strengthen our souls. The more able we are to receive the different gifts our friends have to give us, the more able we will be to offer our own unique but limited gifts. Thus, friendships create a beautiful tapestry of love.

I find this to be so very true. When I expect a friend, spouse, or family member to have all I desire in one person, I am bound to be disappointed. That is why it is important to have a variety of persons in your life, each with their unique traits. This way I can appreciate each one for their unique qualities, and, hopefully, they can appreciate my unique quirkiness as well!




·         Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for our Puerto Rico Mission Trip is this Sunday 8:30-12:30. Tickets are $10. Join us!

·         Have you registered your child or grandchild for Vacation Bible School which is June 25-29? Registration is open now!

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