Midweek Message, March 30, 2016

We are not sure what the disciples did on the Monday after Easter. Perhaps they stayed together celebrating the news of the resurrection, while keeping a low profile in case soldiers or other religious leaders came looking for them. We can’t be certain of anything, except we know that their lives were never the same. The men who had been so timid and fearful were now brave and courageous. Easter made all the difference for their rest of their lives.

Let it be the same for you! Do not allow the time after Easter to take away the encouragement, optimism and hope you felt and knew on Easter Sunday. The tomb was empty and no matter what unpleasantness you may face in the future, just go back in your mind to that empty tomb. There is real power, hope, and confidence there through Jesus Christ.


Church Conference, March 31 at 7pm, Ratcliff Hall
Concert Series, Two Classical guitars and a piano, April 3, 3:00pm