Midweek Message, December 20, 2017

(Anna) gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem. Luke 2:38

In the Upper Room devotional this past Sunday, the writer spoke about the prophetess Anna who becomes a part of the Christmas Story. I especially appreciated the idea that, in spite of her advanced age, she “kept herself alert for God’s purposes in her life” and “trusted that the Lord had work for her to do.”

I hope that is true for all of us as Christmas approaches, and also, as we live our daily lives. Let’s keep alert for God’s purposes in our life and trust that God has work for us to do. God came to be with us to show us a depth of love never seen before. Let us also be ready for God’s work in our lives so that we can show others that same love.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve Worship:

10:00am Fourth Sunday of Advent, “The Miracle of The Manger”. Be with us as we complete the Advent series and see several movie clips from The Miracle on 34th Street.

4:00pm Candlelight Christmas Eve worship

6:00pm Candlelight Communion Christmas Eve worship

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