Midweek Message, April 6, 2016

Simon Peter climbed aboard and dragged the net ashore.  It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many, the net was not torn (John 21: 11).

 After the resurrection, Jesus goes to see his disciples who have returned to the Galilee to fish again. He surprises the disciples by again telling them where to catch fish. The specificity of the number is intriguing, isn’t it? 153 fish. I take this story to convey, in part, both Jesus’ and John’s concern for the church.  The net represents the church and the 153 represents the “people” that the disciples have “caught,” – it represents a huge number, and even though huge, the net/church was not torn.
 We at Christ By The Sea have cast a wide net, that includes people from very differing opinions about a lot of things.  And “the net was not torn”!!  There is something about the love of Christ that binds us together that is stronger than the opinions that might divide us, as they seem to be dividing the country.  That’s the Church at its best – living and growing in a spirit of unity – with each person of great importance, each person counted.
 Peace, my friends,


  • Blood Drive: April 10, 8am—12:30pm
  • Costa Rica Mission Trip: July 16-23, LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER is April 10.
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