Midweek Message, September 14, 2016

Summer is officially over! After traveling on mission trips and vacation, I finally got back to the gym last week.  And even though I biked and hiked a lot, when I got to the weight machines, oooh did I really feel it.  It was immediately apparent that I had lost something in my muscles and that getting off my physical workout routine had taken its toll. 

Which got me to thinking – if it works that way for my body, then it’s pretty certain it works that way for my spirit – and for yours, too, right?  If or when we get out of practice, out of routine, out of training, spiritually, spending focused time with God – in sharing, confessing, thanking, being in tune, then we lose something in our soul, in our spirit. 

Diligence is a good word, as is routine, and focus.  So, let’s pray for each other and ourselves – that we will “get to the spiritual gym” regularly, so we won’t lose our edge, so we won’t miss out on what God might be wanting to tell us or teach us.  Okay? 



–The administrative offices are moving this week across the street to the Greytwig house. Call me on my cell if you can’t reach the staff. 772-205-7020.

–Thank you! The 54 flood buckets were delivered to Lakeland on Monday for shipping to Louisiana. A special thanks to Rita Grimshaw for driving them to Lakeland.