Midweek Message, October 31, 2018


This week we celebrate All Saints’ Day as we remember the church members who have died since last All Saints’ Day in worship. One of the great saints of the modern church died last week and I am mourning his passing. Eugene Peterson taught me much through his many books and his interpretation of scripture known as The Message Bible.


Eugene Peterson would never have been counted among the mega-church, celebrity spotlight pastors that get lots of attention. What he offered, in his own gentle, faithful, humble way, was a deeply grounded reminder of what it means to be a pastor.


He taught that pastors are meant to love people. People like you, who entrust us with a most sacred and profound privilege. You invite us into the holiest and most private journeys of birth, death, brokenness, love, hopelessness, and joy. You place into our hands those moments you dare not entrust anyone else. We stand with you at the graveside. We hold your hand when your grip on life feels weak. We cradle your child into God’s gracious waters of baptism. We call you to the table, to remind you of Christ’s presence and forgiveness. We direct your gaze toward resurrection, when the haze of death fogs your spirit. It is an amazing and awesome privilege.


Thank you for allowing me the gift of sharing these moments with you. Thank you for letting me share about one of my heroes and modern-day saints. I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday as we remember many saints of CBTS.





·        A memorial service for Pam Gore’s daughter, Cindy Niel, will take place on Tuesday, November 6, 4pm, at 2900 59th Ave, Vero Beach.

·        Our next POV takes place this Saturday, November 3rd. This is the last call for reservations which we need by Thursday. Join us for this very important discussion.

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