Midweek Message, November 2, 2016

All Saints’ Sunday is a time for remembering, remembering those who are no longer here physically whom we loved, who loved us, who taught us about Jesus, who were beloved family and friends.  Names come to your mind, don’t they?  Mrs. Davidson and Rev. and Mrs. Rooks come to my mind. Mrs. Davidson led the very first Bible Study I ever attended when I was a teenager. Rev. and Mrs. Rooks taught my Sunday School class when I was a college student in Gainesville (Go Gators!). I have had the blessing of many other “saints” along the way who have taught and nurtured my faith. I am most grateful.


As a follower of Jesus, I also come to this All Saints’ weekend with Jesus’ call to us to remember – to remember His “bread and cup” of holy communion, His words that He says are a true and solid foundation for life and living.  I want always to remember them, and I want always to live by them, even when they make me uncomfortable in their challenge to greater obedience.


All Saints’ Sunday – a time for remembering.





·        Thank you to Dave and Kathie Althoff and all the Pumpkin Patch volunteers! It was a great success!

·        The Dueling Brothers Concert is coming! November 20. Tickets available after worship, online at CBTSUMC.COM or in the church office.