Midweek Message, November 16, 2016

Post-Election Thoughts

I acknowledge that the responses to Mr. Trump’s election are varied in our congregation, and it is not my intention to wade into partisan conversations during this tender time in our democracy. What does intrigue me is mutually answering a question that can bring about healing across the divides: “if so much of what we thought we knew about this election has been disproven, what can we claim as factual?”

Put more simply, “What is still true?”

Here are a few thoughts:

What’s still true is that democracy worked.

Regardless of how you feel about the result, we can still marvel at the democratic process.

What’s still true is that we will pray for President-elect Trump.

Just as every other president has warranted the prayers of God’s people, we can pray for our new president and all of our leaders. “Lord, may all of our elected leaders exercise a wisdom that comes from humility, and pursuit of justice governed by love.”

What’s still true is that we need to be agents of peace, healing, and reconciliation.

It is true that this election caused harm. There is nothing more important for our citizens to debate at this time than what needs to be done for all of us to seek the welfare of the common citizenry, and to translate those intentions into actions of justice, love, and peace.

What’s still true is that we don’t know how to talk across our differences.

Because we have too few models of serious, open dialogue, we have become bluer and redder. Blue people have underestimated and misunderstood the serious concerns of red people, just as red people have done the same with blue people. We have forgotten how to talk, how to listen, and how to respond in helpful, hopeful ways.

What’s still true is the mission of the church.

As “strangers and aliens” in this land, we acknowledge that our primary citizenship is to the Kingdom of God, which crosses political boundaries and transcends manufactured tribalism. Nothing from last Tuesday’s election changes what is at the core of this church’s mission. We will continue to joyfully share the love of God. And at the end of the day, and now more than ever, it is good to be the church.

Grace and Peace,



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