Midweek Message, June 15, 2016

I have been reading various posts on Facebook related to what happened here in Orlando early Sunday morning. I guess it shouldn’t, but it has surprised me how quick some people are to use this tragedy as a way to jump to their pet political perspective, using it as a jumping off point for hostile expressions and finger pointing.

Just for a little while can’t this be about the people who are in unspeakable pain as a result of what happened, and that’s all? Just for a little while can’t we all unite with broken hearts for them, and that’s all? Just for a little while, can’t we allow ourselves to feel with them and to pray for them? Just for a little while?

In the hope of Jesus for love, compassion, and mercy…..



  • Please continue in prayer for the families impacted by the Orlando shooting.
  • Join us for a special Father’s Day tribute this Sunday.