Midweek Message, December 21, 2016

Midweek December 21, 2016

With the most popular holiday just around the corner, it seems like everyone is trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Store shelves are lined with Christmas goodies and decor, TV shows have switched to the theme of giving and love, and Santas are floating about. And why shouldn’t they, after all, it is that time, it is the meaning of the season, right?

Yet, the very first Christmas seemed to do without all of these. The very first Christmas somehow started a frenzy without the power of TV, without Candy Canes, without Santa, and even without Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even more amazingly, the very first Christmas involved a poor couple, nobodies, who would lay the most precious child of all in a manger.

And so many seem to have forgotten that Christmas isn’t just about showing love for those you care for, but for those who are undeserving, and those you do not even know.

Today, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas… Peace on Earth, Good will toward all, for the Savior has come to show us how to love, and to give us the greatest gift of love. Instead of buying fancy toys, think of how you can give to those who would normally go without. Ask yourself how you can help out others who are not as fortunate as you. Show them the true meaning of Christmas: the gift of God’s love. And may we love others as God first loved us.

Merry Christmas,



Funeral for Edie Caple will be on December 30th at 1pm.

Christmas Eve worship is at 3:00 and 5:00pm

Christmas Day worship is at 10:00am, no Sunday School.

Church office will be closed December 26-December 30