Midweek Message, August 2, 2017

This Sunday I will be preaching on the story of the Feeding of the 5000. As I was preparing I came across this poem by David Whyte from his book House of Belonging. It spoke to me of the need for people living out faithful lives as disciples of Jesus, especially in our interaction with others.


by David Whyte

This is not the age of information.

This is not

The age of information.


Forget the news,

And the radio,

And the blurred screen.


This is the time of loaves

and fishes.


People are hungry,

and one good word is bread

For a thousand.


I pray that this week you find ways to speak “one good word” to another.





·        Our new bilingual, contemporary worship begins Tuesday, August 22, 6:30pm in Ratcliff Hall. Join us!

·        A cruise to Cuba is being planned for May of 2018. Please join us on this adventure. Contact Dee Bannon at 772-234-6450 for more details. I hope to have a visit with local Methodists in Havana as a part of the cruise.

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