Midweek Message, August 16, 2017

When I began to see the news out of Charlottesville this past weekend it broke my heart for our nation and for all people who are seeking a community filled with love, acceptance, and peace. Dr. David Moon summed up much of what I have been feeling in a note he wrote Sunday morning:

While news footage from Charlottesville seems to show both sides engaging in violence, and it may never be completely clear which of the many blows were aggressive, which were retaliatory, and which were defensive, it is abundantly clear that opposing the principles of white supremacy, neo-Nazis, and the Klan is not hate speech, as some portray it. Standing against oppression and protecting the downtrodden is wholly consistent with the values of America and of Christianity; …endorsing bigotry, tolerating repression, or even merely turning a blind eye to the threat of tyranny, are consistent with neither. My father and many others of his generation made enormous sacrifices in opposition to these very principles of hatred, intolerance, and oppression when they arose in Europe and Asia. They were patriots. Now some want to give America over to the very principles that they fought so valiantly to defeat. Equating these abhorrent ideas with patriotism, and their opposition with the very hatred that they represent, is a desecration of the memory of real patriots who gave of themselves in the cause of genuine freedom – freedom for all.

In response to the hateful violence in Charlottesville over the weekend, a number of clergy and other community leaders have organized a brief 30 minute “Rally” for this coming Wednesday, at noon, at the Indian River Courthouse (West Entrance on 16th Avenue) to express this community’s commitment to peace, inclusion and love.  Here is the announcement:


“INDIAN RIVER COUNTY STANDING ON THE SIDE OF LOVE RALLY” — Wednesday, August 16, at noon, on the Western steps of the Indian River County Courthouse, 2000 16th

Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960.


In response to recent hateful events in Charlottesville, Virginia, a diverse coalition of concerned citizens of Indian River County will be coming together to

“stand on the side of love”

and publically honor and defend the American values of respect and inclusion for all.   Several community leaders will speak on behalf of our great American dream for an inclusive, diverse and peaceful society.  Do be with us for this important community event.

If you have any questions about this community-wide event, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Rev. Scott W. Alexander


Cell 772 359 0602

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